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Your #1 Choice for Internet

Redfox is proud to own and operate our own internet infrastructure which is completely separate from the NBN, and will remain that way.  The company's decision to no primarily resell NBN, was largely due to our inability to control the quality  of the services provided to our clients. 

Redfox is passionate about providing high speed, reliable services at an affordable price to regional areas.  We don't over-contend our services and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the end user's experience.

Initially founded in 1994 by Mackay local, John Delahunty, Redfox became one of the first three companies in Australia to roll out Fixed Wireless Broadband technology in 2000, when dial-up was the most common internet option at the time.

Being locally based, the Redfox team understand how important communications are in regional areas.  Every team member is extremely passionate about delivering quality internet services to you, but without all the B.S. that often comes along when dealing with a large Telco.

If you want to deal with an honest, local business who truly cares about quality without sacrificing customer service, then Redfox is your answer.

Why Choose Redfox

Unbeatable Customer Service

Locally Owned and Supported

100% Independent from the NBN

We have been in the industry since Dial-up Days

Our Values

Our industry is one which grants control and access to one of the most critical utilities for home users and businesses alike.   It is important that our clients have confidence when engaging our services that they will be provided with the best possible Internet connection and supported by outstanding customer service.

​Customer Service

Customers are our #1 priority.  We listen to ensure we are delivering solutions which will exceed your expectations.

Fun and Positive Team Environment

Our team members are our most valuable asset and we focus on fostering a culture which is built on team work, professional growth and job satisfaction.

Honesty, Loyalty 
and Respect

Whether we are dealing with customers, team members or suppliers, we always ensure we remain honest, respectful and forthright when it comes to our communications.

High Standards of
​Quality and Safety

We are committed to delivering high quality services via safe work environments and practices.

Keeping you connected when it matters

At Redfox, we can assist you with the following:

  • Residential Internet
  • Business Internet
  • Private Links and Multi-Sites
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Temporary Site Infrastructure
  • Internet Redundancy Solutions
  • Plus much more
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