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Does Redfox's Fixed Wireless use the NBN?

No, our Fixed Wireless network if fully owned and operated by Redfox.

We have built our own carrier network which bypasses all NBN services in order to deliver high-speed internet to your premises.  

This is achieved by transmitting our services from repeater location sites to a small antenna on your roof. 

What is included with a standard installation?

The install consists of a suitable pole being mounted on the roof with support stays.  The installer will ty to use pre-existing holes in the roofing to minimise impact and ensure any gaps are silicone sealed.

The connector dish is then attached to the mast and cabled through the roof, down the walls and into the nominated location to a wall plate/ point.  A wireless router is then connected to the point.

A standard installation to achieve line of sight to a Redfox repeater site is based on the following:

    • Mast up to 1.8m height;
    • 1 x data point; and
    • Up to 30m ethernet cable.

Due to the diversity in locations and the limitations of desktop planning, Redfox installers may not be able to achieve a link via standard installation.  In this case, another visit may be required to survey what would be required to achieve a link.  Any additional materials and/ or extended labour would be quoted before the installation takes place.

How long does an installation take?

Installation timeframes vary according to the layout of your premises and whether your job is classified as standard or non-standard (i.e. 6m mast, access restrictions, etc).  

A standard installation usually takes between 2-3 hours, however we allow up to 4 hours. 

Non-standard installations are often between 4-5 hours, however we allow up to 6 hours.

I have just moved into a house which has Redfox previously installed. How do I get connected?

Getting connected is simple!  

If the property was recently vacated and you have a wireless router, we can connect you almost immediately.  

Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our technicians to attend site to check the integrity of the installed hardware and cabling at no cost to yourself.  Should the service pass all quality checks, we just need you to select from the plan options available and a router.

I'm moving house. What costs are involved in relocating?

Under Contract

If you are under contract, the cost to relocate your Redfox service is $250 including GST.  If there is less than 12 months remaining on your existing contract, you will be provided the option of a free relocation if a new 24-month contract is signed.

Redfox cannot guarantee there will be coverage at your new address and a signal test will be required to confirm viability.  If you are currently under contract and there is no coverage at your new address, a cancellation fee will be payable.

No Contract

If you are not under contract, you have the following options:

  • Sign up for a new plan at the new address; or
  • Cancel your existing service.
What if my mapping is unsuccessful. Do I have any other options?

Redfox is available in many areas throughout the Mackay and Sarina regions, however in some instances we are unable to provide signal due to obstructions such as dense foliage, mountains or buildings.  In this case we are happy to provide customised pricing to install the service which may require a higher mast or Point-to-Point solution.  

Other solutions include the installation of Cel-Fi products to boost cellular signals, but we will always consider the best possible solution tailored to your personal situation.

Does Redfox use satellites?

No, Redfox use Fixed Wireless technologies which differ from satellite services.

Fixed wireless technology works by transmitting a signal from a repeater tower to a small connector dish on your roof.  Using the latest generation in fixed wireless technology, means we can deliver faster speeds than current satellite services, and with less latency.


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